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The Razer Blade (2018) is a 15.6-inch gaming laptop released in May 2018.

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Should I put anti static sheet between laptop keyboard and motherboard

Hi im going to replace the keyboard on my laptop as it shorted the motherboard. the motherboard is fixed but the keyboard is currently unplugged from the board as its fkd, however i dont know what caused the keyboard to short the motherboard, but i want to put some sort of layer between the motherboard and the keyboard so that it prevents static or somehow accidental contact between the bottom of the keyboard and the back of the motherboard.

Anyone got an idea of what sort of material i can/should use for this?

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Anti static doesn't mean that it is non conductive.

For example the anti static bags that printed circuit boards (pcb) come in, form a Faraday cage that electrically shields the board from the outside. This means that the outside of the bag is conductive. If used as you described this could cause problems by connecting areas of the motherboard together that shouldn't be etc

A good option to use as an electrical insulator between the motherboard and the keyboard is fish paper - see datasheet for description of the sheet.

i had a similar problem in a laptop between the touchpad and the motherboard which caused the touchpad to become inoperable as the mouse cursor would jam in the top right corner of the screen and stay there.

Probably due to me being heavy handed when tapping on the touchpad (and the keyboard) causing it to flex down and short out

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thankyou so much for your response, i dont know what happened to my laptop, i plugged it in to power turned power on, went back to sit down at my table, clicked play on a game client and it just cut power, quite a delay from me turning the power on, but upon fixing the motherboard the keyboard just enters random keys constantly so assuming the keyboard was the culprit of the shorting. however i want to prevent this in the future when i replace the keyboard, thankyou so much


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