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Fridge Ice Maker Icing Up Freezer

We have a whirlpool wrs588fihz00 fridge. The ice maker (where it shoots into the ice cube holder that dispenses water/ice) consistently accumulates were the maker shoots into the holder. Shard like ice formations branch out from the maker/shoot area and over a week or so build up to a point that opening and shutting the freezer door is hard to do. I have to de-ice the freezer with a metal spatchula. Even when I make sure every bit of ice off the the shoot/ice maker and freezer internal walls the ice will still continue to accumulate.

Anyone have experience with this or have an idea how we can trouble shoot it?

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Hi @friday126

Here's the tech sheet for the refrigerator. Get into the diagnostic mode and run Step.45 and check if the water fill test is OK and that it is not trying to overfill.

The refrigerator requires a cold water supply with water pressure of between 30 and 120 psi (207 and 827 kPa) to operate the water dispenser and ice maker. Check if the water pressure to the premises is within these limits. It may be that's there too much pressure for proper function of the valves etc

Try slightly turning back the water supply faucet that the refrigerator's water pipe connection is attached to, to reduce the water pressure and check if that works.

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Thanks, we'll give that a try when I get home in a few days.


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Maybe some sort of peice is missing like rubber blocker or something or it could be leaking a bit

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