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Guides and repair information for assorted graphics cards, also known as video cards, graphics adapters, or display adapters.

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Why this might be wrong?

Hello i have a Asus Geforce 3070 8GB Tuf videocard thats is dead tryed almost everything to get it to work. So i was inspecting the card alite more and found this. Thats not right ore is it.

Block Image

Block Image

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@hex85 yes, that looks like something happened to the IC. Seems like there is not a lot of AWSCYA information out there, so we would need to either find a schematic for the card or you could consider finding a donor card and harvesting the IC from that.

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thank you and i dident find anything about the AWSCYA ic chip most be a brand new thing that they dont whant us to know about. =), well gona cheek if i can get it from anouther gpu. thank you so much.


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