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Removing led diode from board

I’m trying to replace dead led’s from my expensive aquarium lights but I am having a hard time removing the led diodes. I’ve tried using a hot air station at 500 celcius (932 Fahrenheit) but the led won’t budge. I tried blasting hot air from both the bottom and top but it won’t budge. I don’t have a heating plate so is there a better way? As you can see the bottom of the board is all metal.

Block Image

Block Image

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I find when components won’t budge taking the nozzle from the hot air off and turning the temperature and airflow up a fair bit helps

In your case heating the area of the LED on the underside with lots of hot air should help

Also if you have a soldering iron and ether leaded solder or chip quick(low melt solder) applying ether to the solder joints of the LED will lower the melting point of the solder so that might be worth a shot!

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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@hellomacos I've already tried low melt solder with no luck but haven't tried with the nozzle off. I've never had a component not come off at 500 celcius so this was strange to me that the solder under the diode was not getting hot enough to melt.



Try heating the board all over until the back of the board is painful to touch(but don’t touch it though)

This could take about 5mins of constant heating if it’s a thick board

After heating try at getting the led you want to heat

If that doesn’t work try flooding the led you want to remove with lots of soldering both sides and use the hot air and soldering iron at the same time

Use the iron to Start melting the solder and the hot air to keep it liquid:-)

Also what are you heating it on top of

Try and keep it off anything that will absorb the heat


@ntec @hellomacos it's going to be a beast. The metal bottom is a gigantic heatsink and it'll take a ton of BTU to get it done :-)

Place it on a hotplate at something like 80deg C and get that toasty first.



Using a heat plate is the best thing for it,it looks to be a thick board too


@oldturkey03 Thanks, the board is about 3mm thick. I will look into getting a heat plate.


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