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HP FHA-3510 2.4GHz wireless optical mouse. The device also has a HP Part number WE790AA.

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My mouse click is not working correctly

Hello everyone, I've been using a wireless mouse for over a month but for the past three days, the left click isn't working properly. It clicks as a right click instead. I'm not sure if this is a hardware or technical issue with the mouse. Could you please help me with this?

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My mouse does not connect with the laptop, then it works after trying for a long time. My mouse does not connect with the laptop, then after trying for a long time it works, sometimes no matter how hard I try, it just does not connect.


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Hi @georgebush15

If the mouse is connected with a Windows PC check in Control Panel > Mouse > Buttons > Button Configuration to see which button is selected as the primary button.

To get to Control panel, type Control Panel in the search box on the desktop and click on the Control panel app that appears

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