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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Whirlpool Quiet Partner II insulated dishwasher.

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Display going blank with unresponsive buttons.

Quiet partner 2 model du1100xtpb8. I did the test where you remove the ribbon connecting the control panel to the control board the the drain did not engage which would indicate the control board is bad, i replaced this part and am still getting this error.

The entire display is unlit except the above 3 buttons furthest to the left: pots and pans, normal, and light. Those 3 have the faintest green dot in the middle. While the buttons are being pressed the dot will disappear and reappear once i stop pressing.

I am actually able to press the drain and start button and both function initially, start will begin a cycle and all buttons will light up normally, but it will return to the same state before finishing the complete cycle. Sometimes the normal button will flash for a bit before doing so.

Im at a loss what the issue could be.

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Here's the tech sheet for the dishwasher that may help.

Run the diagnostic tests and check if there are any errors shown.

There's an alternative method mentioned regarding the diagnostics if the user interface is not functional

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Running these troubleshooting steps led me to the "checking keypad function" test. I do not understand what "With door latched, disconnect and reconnect thermistor or OWI sensor

two times in less than 6 seconds" means.


@pote hid

If the keypad is not working, check that the ribbon cable connection for the control panel touch pad is secure and that they're not corroded etc.

It could be a faulty touchpad

The OWI (Optical Water Indicator) is the turbidity sensor so to disconnect it with the power on and the door latched you may have to manually operate the door latch switch and disconnect the OWI cable from the control board connector P15 twice within 6 seconds to see if the diagnostics start.


Be safety aware as there is lethal 120V AC connected to the door latch switch, the control board and also to other various components in the dishwasher


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