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Soldering/Hot Air Equipment Opinions?

I'm just learning repairs of devices like ipads, tablets in general, iphone/android phones and other devices as confidence and experience increases. I appreciate and as a rule go with the best in class equipment, and if money wasn't so tight I would go Hakko without hesitation. Unfortunately, I need to wait, maybe a year to see if this interest continues and and I'm decent at it.

Has anyone had experience with an alternative to Hakko they're comfortable with? I'm in the process of returning a Yihua station (8786 I think it was) now - the temps were so far off it was unusable and trying to get service was impossible.

I am looking at Aixun gear and they seem to have excellent reviews. Service is a concern though.

Any suggestions out there?



Update (02/12/2023)

Thanks so much to all who took the time on Super Bowl Sunday to answer the new guy’s question(s). Keep the comments coming, soaking everything up.

No disrespect to anyone who has responded - I’ve been reading and skimming over the various topics that might provide insight and I’ve seen so many answers from @oldturkey03 i was hoping he would contribute. I was not disappointed!

Again, thanks to all and please, keep the suggestions coming. The initial answer with the list of alternate gear had several I have not heard of - so please, keep those replies coming.

I did forget to ask about one brand - X-Tronic. Any thoughts on their gear? I see them a lot on Amazon, but have not seen any comments from users.

Thanks again,


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I want to thank everyone for the excellent advice offered. After looking at countless brands, models and websites, I pulled the trigger on an Atten Hot Air Station and the Hakko FM-203 kit ifixit had in the store. Only remining big ticket item is a microscope.

Thanks again, I'll be posting a few more questions, different topics. The advice and wisdom is appreciated.


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Atten all the way for me, have a solder station and it's fantastic.

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In terms of what brands to go for most of the time there isn’t really a right or wrong answer

Here’s a couple brands that I know are good (from my experience)

  • Hakko
  • Aoyue
  • Andonstar
  • Vastar
  • Quick
  • Mechanic
  • Weller

Here’s some others I have heard good things about



There are loads of other brands but aslong as you don’t buy the the cheepest thing you should be fine,middle of the price range and above tends to be better:-)(but I am not saying don’t buy anything low priced just get something reasonable so it will have a shot at lasting)

If you are buying stuff from places like AliExpress I would recommend checking the fuses on the stuff you buy as sellers on there have a tendency to put glass fuses in the equipment,some of these fuses are completely safe but some don’t blow when they should

I would also check out some of the quality brands second hand as there is quite the market for it,you something’s see quality gear of some age working great for lower than new prices









Any other ideas?

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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@nitrochamp, I will just confirm what @hellomacos is saying: Don’t buy the cheapest of the cheap, but go for a mid-tier one. Hakko is of course one of the very best, and Weller is good as well. Both my soldering station, desoldering station and my hot air rework station are generic mid-range ones, produced in China for the EU (220V) market. I’m very happy with mine, but I did buy a new good quality set of tips for my soldering iron, as the one it came with was crap. If you buy off of AliExpress and such sites, one thing to do, is to check the grounding on the device when you get it! Some manufacturers really skimp on the basic things, and skipping a good grounding is not ideal in the least!

The only thing I went all-in on, was my microscope. I have the AmScope SM-4TZ-144A Professional Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope. Bought from the US via Amazon, it cost me close to $1100 with shipping, taxes, etc. but it has been well worth it.


Get as many old circuit boards as you can scrounge. Get used to which flux to use and which solder works best for which job. As for tools, YOU need to be comfortable with them. It is not about what anybody else uses, its about what will work for you. I'd start by minimizing cost and use an average rework station. You'll be surprised what you learn by using mediocre equipment. Go with mid-tier equipment until you advanced your skills. You'll be surprised what you learn by using mediocre equipment. As your skills advance, advance your tools. I prefer Weller rework stations and a Amscope SE420. Again what works for me may not work for you. The single most important part is practice, practice, practice

AiXun is a relatively new company and you want to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into.


@hellomacos you forgot jbc and atten lol, i use a jbc style iron (jabe ud1200), hot air station is a crap chinese thing but iv had it over 7 years and it still works, havent even changed the element



I forgot the obvious ones XD lol

(Il add them in,cheers)

I have one of those 858D things, I need to get bent nossles for it as I keep nearby burning my hand when using tweesers lol


@hellomacos mine is something like a 858, had to order new nozzles there myself between losing them and some breaking, just straight tho as iv never burnt myself lol. nearly set the room on fire with it 1 night tho


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