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Repair guides and information for rice cookers.

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Japanese Zojiroshi NP-RN05 Fuse and MOV(?) fried/ transformer failure

So my Transformer failed and the rice cooker got the whole 220V so the fuse and Supposedly MOV(?) blew. The fuse is relatively simple to identify 125V 10A but I have no idea about the MOV or NTC? Could anyone help me with finding a replacement part. Seems like the rest of the cooker is fine.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@tilhotel post some pictures of what all of this looks like, with your Question. That way we can see what you see Adding images to an existing question


Sorry, I was certain I added the pictures already. Edited my original post.


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@tilhotel Whoa. Nice! anyhow looks like a a zinc oxide (ZnO) varistor (ZNR on the referenced designator verifies this) or metal oxide varistor (MOV). Panasonic invention more on here

You could use that site to try and identify to ZNR based on the values needed.

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