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iPad Mini 4— A1538 modelinin Wi-Fi versiyonu için kılavuzlar. 9 Eylül 2015'te duyurulan iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 3 modelinin yenisidir.

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Red Screen Of Death (ROSD) solutions?

The infamous Red screen of death has claimed my father's Ipad mini 4 wifi. Many people have said the problem had to do with the NAND or storage chip. I am unsure if this information is reliable.

I have resorted to the professionals, will someone bestow upon me a possible solution?

(If it helps, my father was updating it before the effects of RSOD took place)

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If it's the NAND, it may be possible to replace it, but given that device is 8 years old at this point, it might not be worth the cost to replace it. You'll need someone skilled with microsoldering to replace it. This is a repair that cannot be DIY-ed as it requires a lot of expensive tools and a lot of practice.

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