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Eighth generation of the Honda Civic.

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Can’t shift into gear.

Hey all,

I have a manual 2006 Civic Coupe EX that won’t shift into gear when the car is on. We’ve opened the clutch up and replaced anything that might’ve been an issue - the plate was cracked - and everything else is good to go. The pressure on the clutch pedal is good, and the slave cylinder isn’t showing signs of any leakage. I can start her in third gear without stalling, but that’s all the movement I get. Any thoughts on potential issues? The fork and the throwout bearing also look good, so not sure what the problem is.

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@zakgwynne I am sure that you have bled the hydraulic system to your slave cylinder. I've had it happen before where the slave cylinder was leaking internally and did not move the fork. There were no external leaks. That would be my primary suspect. Of course, I am assuming that you put everything back together properly when you reassembled your clutch ;-) Anyhow, that is one heck of a job!

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Thank you, I’ll look into that next!


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