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Water heater not heating - RESOLVED

We have a GSW 3000W water heater which is not heating the water at all.

I checked some answers here and went through some checks.

We get power to both screws on both upper & lower elements.

I checked both elements for resistance and got readings of 19.6 on both.

I checked the resistance of the upper element, screws to heater body and no indication of resistance.

I have replaced the upper thermostat.

What else could be the problem?

Thank you,


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@davidnoon that is a 240V water heater correct? Did you check your breakers to make sure that you do have the proper voltage?


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Hi @davidnoon,

What is the model number of the water heater?

Have you checked that the thermostat is OK?

Don't know the model but with most the thermostat operates to changeover heating of the water between the upper and lower element

Basically a changeover switch between the lower and upper elements

Here's an image from that shows typical thermostat wiring

Block Image

(click on image)

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Thank you for your help.

I replaced the upper thermostat.

GSW water heater 6g50sde1.

I am getting power to both elements.

I checked the voltage from one screw to heater body and get a reading of 125V, Same from other screw for both upper & lower elements.


@davidnoon you mentioned in an earlier comment that


Upper Element:

2 screws = No reading

#1 screw to body = No reading

#2 screw to body = No reading


Did you replace the heating element?


Yes, also replaced the upper thermostat.

Still have power to both elements but no hot water.


@davidnoon it sounds like everything has power where it needs to be. I would replace the bottom element and see what happens. Mine did pretty much the same thing and the bottom element was burned out.



Looking at a wiring diagram for GSW dual element water heaters (see p.25) if neither element is heating then I would check the Neutral link is OK.

I realize that you said that you measured a voltage between both screw terminals and the tank, but the tank is an earth point and not the Neutral line.

By rights the Neutral and the earth should be connected together at the house power box (or it is where I am), but if for some reason it's not or not for the water heater supply this may be why it's not working.

Check if there is 125V between the Active and the Neutral wires of the supply at the tank. If no good check the water heater Neutral wire connection at the power box.


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Try turning of your power to the water heater, then remove the wires from the elements, test with meter on OHMS and see if you first get a reading from one screw to the other, if you don't get a reading, the element is bad,. If you get a reading the then check see if you get a reading from each screw to the tank, if you get a reading there element is bad ( water heater must be full of water for the last test to work ).

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Upper Element:

2 screws = No reading

#1 screw to body = No reading

#2 screw to body = No reading


Lower Element:

2 screws = Reading

#1 screw to body = No reading

#2 screw to body = No reading


Thank you for the help


As I'm still learning how to navigate the ifixt site if you were thanking me for my help, then you are.most welcome and I'm glad I could be of assistance.


I was thanking you for your help and thought I would share my test results for information.

I replaced the upper element and still no hot water.


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Try the "dip tube" it is a long plastic tube that pulls water from top to mix at bottom. A lot of the time, they break. Off inside the tank,.

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Hi @therealkor97025,

The problem has been fixed.

See the comments in the answer above.

It was a burnt out upper element and a fuse in the household power box which had been overlooked.



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