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Repair guides and disassembly information for the fourth-generation Mac Pro, released in December of 2019.

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Is it possible to replace the CPU socket on this board?

Hello! I have a late 2019 Mac Pro (like in the image above). It's an Intel Mac Pro that uses the Xeon Cascade Lake Series chipset (the W series).

Is it possible to replace the CPU socket on this board? If so, how difficult is it? If not, how expensive is it to just swap out the whole mobo? And is that difficult as well? Or is it better to just get it serviced?

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Basically, it is not recommended to replace, there is a great risk


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This question has 2 answered depending on who you ask

Yes and no

Theoretically it can be replaced but this can only be done if you have very very very good microsoldering skills as it would require desoldering the whole socket from the board

The best thing to do it to replace the logicboard/motherboard if the damage is really bad

However if it’s just a couple bent pins you should be able to fix that if you have a steady hand…if your unsure about that I would take it to a repair specialist:-)

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Gotcha, that definitely makes sense. I need a good enough magnifying glass to even see the %#*@ pins and what they're doing in the first place lol.



That’s it’s

Iv done it a couple times and it’s like trying to pick dust out if a carpet 😂😂😂


@hellomacos haha exactly; luckily, the little snag on the pins isn't too insane, I just need to be able to look at what's going on, though I might be able to fix it



If it helps I can tell you the best way of getting those pins unbent

If you want to do that if you can use this guide to upload some photos of the socket that would be great

Adding images to an existing question


TY! I'm unfortunately having a tough time taking photos; even with lots of light, it's hard to see which ones are bent. Though, I just spent 2 hours VERY slowly barely touching the couple pins that were bent. I have a little electronics repair kit and I just use the smallest plastic point to push it softly in one direction until it kinda gave me some give, if that makes sense.

When I walk around it, I can see the light hitting the pins at different angles, which makes it look like it's still bent, but idk if that's just because it IS bent a little in the middle of the pin (because I had to bend it back) or if it's fine and it's just my illusion. It is seriously hard to see. I even bought a 8X magnifying headset w/a bright LED on it. It works-ish; I know there's better ones out there. Part of the issue is that I have to bend down (and the Mac Pro is on my counter, but it's still a pain to get to with the frame).

Anyway, I fired it up and it works, haha. To be sure, I also cleaned my RAM sticks beforehand.


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