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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Android smartphone, announced and released in January 2021.

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Rear cameras wont work

My wife's Galaxy S21 5g rear cameras wont work. When she tries to open the camera app (samsung camera v, it simply give a toast message"Warning. Camera failed". Ive tested using other apps as well. Google messages, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. It just shows a black screen. However, it does give me the option to switch to the front camera, which works perfectly fine.

I installed Open Camera to test this out. In OC, i get a toast message "failed to start camera preview" then immediately another toast "serious camera error". I can switch to front camera (ID1), with no problem. And can switch to rear ultra-wide camera (ID2). The wide and telephoto module seems to not work.

Any suggestions before i try to open and try to replace the module?

Update (05/25/23)

Update: I opened the phone up (thank you, iFixit, for the tardown vid) and completely disconnected the rear camera module and booted the phone back up. Got the exact same errors. Seems like the module is dead or the connector between the motherboard and camera module. I put the phone back together and got the same result again.

I ordered a replacement, rear camera module (unfortunately, when i checked iFixits website, they dont offer that part). Hope that fixes my issue.

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Hi @sadinselmani

Looking at the troubleshooting flowcharts for both the wide and tele cameras, the only thing that they have in common is that they both are connected using the same cable (and connector SOC 9001) and are on the same module.

They also both use the same IC U9000 and camera clock inductor L5000 though, which are on another pba but other than that they use different components. Although I don't think that IC U9000 is the problem as the ultra wide camera uses it as well.

Block Image

(click on image).

The only other thing I can suggest is to start the phone in safe mode to eliminate the remote possibility that it's a downloaded app that is somehow causing the problem and also perhaps a factory data reset to eliminate corrupted firmware as the problem. Take heed of the caution notice shown in the reset link if you decide to do the reset.

If the problem is still there after doing both of the above, then it's a hardware problem. Hopefully it is the camera module.

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