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A wireless, more traditional, video game controller produced by Nintendo for the Switch system. Model number: HAC-013.

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How to change the usb c port?

my controller charging port stopped working. But the battery still has juice and i can play with the controller .

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Hi @darkflo

Have you proved that the USB-C port is the problem and not that it may be a faulty USB-C cable?

If so, the USB-C port is hard mounted on the motherboard so it could also be that there's a motherboard problem and not the port itself.

Here's the ifixit Switch Pro Controller Motherboard Replacement guide that may help.

The USB-C port is clearly visible in Step.19 and Step.20. If the actual port itself is faulty or loose from the board, you will need smd (surface mount device) soldering skills and tools to do the repair.

If the port connector itself is damaged e.g. bent, broken pins etc, search online for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller USB Type C Connector Charging Port Socket to find suppliers that suit you best.

If the port tests OK i.e. all pins have continuity between the input side and the motherboard then further testing of the motherboard's charging circuit would be required to find out what's wrong.

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I tested multiple cables and I tested charging on a other pro controller. And it still wouldn't charge :/ . Where is the charging circuit on the controller to check with my multimenter



Did you also test the USB-C port from the input side to the output side on the motherboard. you didn't say?

It is possible that a connecting pin can break so make sure that there is continuity for all the pins.

Looking at the images in the guide I linked it appears that the USB-C port in the controller only has 12 pins and not the usual 24, so this would mean just the Power and Ground (4 pins each) and the 2 data wires D- and D+ (2 pins each)

Here's a link that shows the pinout for a 24 pin but you just have to check the 12 mentioned or more specifically the 8 power wires - 4 batt and 4 ground.

As for the schematic for the controller, I can't find one and have read that Nintendo doesn't release them anyway but you may have better luck finding it.


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