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Updated in March 2008 with 802.11n Wi-Fi support, the AirPort Express A1264 is a compact and portable wireless network device.

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How to use Airport Express base station A1264 w ARRIS WiFi Cable Modem

Can i use an Airport Express base station A1264 on a new network w/o an Apple airport Extreme?

After a lighting strike that took out cable internet in our entire building, I replaced my old cable modem with ARRIS SBG10 Cable Modem with 5G Wifi options. Previously the older cable modem was configured in bridge mode w my Apple Airport Extreme A1354 to give us Wifi and allow us to use an Airport Express base station A1264 added to the network to use our USB laser printer.

Any suggestions Appreciated.. Thank you.

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There are a few issues as the version of WiFi your new Internet Router uses may not be compatible by default with what your Apple units support.

For reference here’s what you have if I gather things correctly.

Your Router settings need to match the common offering of these devices. Or you will need to wire one in which you may want to do as that way each one can support full flow rate to two or even three devices concurrently!

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Thank you, Dan for your response. I have not resolved this issue yet, but still working on it.

I have activated the new router without the Apple devices so I can have internet while I resolve this issue. It may well be that a newer modem may not be compatible with apple products... the keep to keep the apple devices was to use my usb printer which the Airport Express allowed me to do as it has both a usb port and ethernet port.

So i am without printer but it's a work in progress.. thank you again.


@bethpd123 - I wouldn’t say this is a compatibly issue!

Think of it this way the TV station you want to watch is on Channel 7, but your TV is stuck on Channel 5! So clearly you won’t see your show!

But if you can change the channel you would be set, WiFI is very similar as the newer versions are by default using a different channel.

You need a way to see the WiFI signals at least ID the channels so you can make sure your older AirPort units are on the same channel. You’re likely going to need to alter your new Router settings.

Here’s a writeup that explains things What is a WiFi Sniffer and How Does It Work? I will need to know what your computer and its OS is to aim you to the needed application.


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