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Repair information and service guides for the Whirlpool WRS315SDHW refrigerator.

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Ice maker not resetting

Ice maker not working . Doesn't do anything when reset button is pushed.

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Here are some common issues and solutions recommended by Whirlpool:

Clogged water filter

Cause: Your filter works hard to help reduce contaminants in your water, but can become clogged with particles it may trap over time. A clogged filter can send less water to the ice maker, which may cause a decrease or halt in ice production.

Solution: Be sure to change your refrigerator’s water filter once every six months, and be on the lookout for signs of an old filter. Some indicators may include odd tasting ice or water, slowly dispensed water, black specks in water or ice and, of course, limited to no ice production.

Defective water inlet valve

Cause: If your water filter is up-to-date, the water inlet valve for your ice maker might be the culprit. With the right amount of water pressure, the valve opens and closes to feed water through to the ice maker. A valve with pressure less than 20 psi (pound-force per square inch) won’t be strong enough to feed the right amount of water into the ice maker.

Solution: First, check the water pressure feeding the valve with your own equipment or the assistance of a professional. If the pressure is sufficient at 20 psi or higher, it means you may need to replace the water inlet valve.

Refrigerator or freezer compartment is too warm

Cause: Your ice maker may not be able to keep up with its intended rate of ice production when the refrigerator or freezer temperatures are set too high, resulting in slow ice production, cubes that are too small or no ice production at all.

Solution: Check the refrigerator temperature and freezer temperature, ensuring that the freezer is set to 0°F (-18°C), and the refrigerator temperature is somewhere in the range of 33–40°F (0–4°C).

Control arm mispositioned

Cause: On select models, the ice maker’s control arm is a large plastic or metal handle that rests on the side or top of the ice bin, and is responsible for gauging ice levels in the bin and pausing ice production when the bin is full. If the control arm comes loose, breaks or is accidently pushed into the off position, it could lead to halted ice production.

Solution: Check the control arm to ensure that it’s in the “on” position. Tighten the arm if it seems loose, or contact a professional if the arm is completely broken.

Frozen water inlet tube

Cause: You may find yourself stuck with a frozen water line when the temperature in the freezer or refrigerator compartment is set too low, or the insulation surrounding the water line isn’t helping to prevent freezing.

Solution: The water line is located behind the ice maker, so accessing it typically requires completely removing the ice bin and maker. You may unfreeze the waterline at home with warm water or air, but it’s best to leave it up to a professional with unique tools that assist with the job.

If this doesn't work you may also find success by following the steps detailed here: Whirlpool WRS555SIHZ00 not making ice

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