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A cable modem is a type of network bridge that provides high-speed internet access to homes or businesses over a cable television (CATV) network.

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Coax Port Ripped Out Of Modem

Is there any way to fix a coax port that was ripped out of a modem? It is a spectrum modem, and I’m really not trying to pay $110..!

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@zacharytepe depends on how badly damaged the board is. You'll have to take it apart and take a look. Post some pictures of the damage with your Question. Ultimately if the board is damaged, you will most likely have to come up with the cash to replace it, but it will depend on your skills and the damage.

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Usually no because it breaks from inside the jack; sure if you pulled it you did it that's on you, but most of the time I've looked at bad ones I can tell it was due to a natural fault due to cheap components. I ran into that issue on a MI424WR where Verizon/Frontier had the WAN Ethernet jack but used MoCA Coax (the ethernet was for owned routers to put it in modem mode). What I did at the time was I told Verizon the jack failed, but was not specific just in case they tried to blame me. They didn't even want it back, so I got out of having to fight that one :-). I still have the Frontier AC router/modem combo we got since that contract was from when they wrote them off after 1 year and let the customer keep it. It has the same MoCA jack as the MI424's which was troublesome.

However, the problem with Spectrum is particular about the customer taking it to their stores (probably to annoy the customer out of doing anything to save them money) unless you pay for a truck roll, so you may need better proof; explain that the jack failed, you never moved the modem and bring proof it was properly installed to make it as hard as possible for them to blame you. How I usually do it with ISPs like Spectrum is I will bring damning evidence it's their equipment as well as other proof, including performance tests as needed and reboot logs. If need be, I will use sysadmin level jargon to divert from them trying to blame me or the account holder and point it back to the equipment. However, that's not feasible for everyone; I'm comfortable with that approach because I can run the high-end equipment I use the jargon for after mass EOL happens and the megacorp dumping occurs. The trick is to make them see it's their equipment so they can't get out and if you get charged, you have enough against them that they can't pin it back.

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