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Why is the laptop screen flickering?

I have an hp 14-dv0003ne laptop. I lifted it up from the front right corner which is towards me. That movement caused friction/pressure on the back corner where the hinges is. The screen flickered black the instant I lifted the laptop and pulled it towards me and then the laptop froze and became unresponsive so I had to force shutdown. That has happened around 30 times in the past few months and it's happening randomly and it's not always happening.

I tried to trigger the problem. I hit this part of the laptop on the bed mattress and the screen flickered black and then the laptop froze and became unresponsive so I had to force shutdown. I tried to trigger it again the next day but I wasn't able to do it.

I want to ask why is the laptop screen flickering black and it's happening sometimes and not always? There is a wire which looks like this and it connects the motherboard to the screen and it goes near the hinges at the back and up along the sides of the screen. Is the problem with this wire and it's loose\damaged\dirty?

My laptop is with a repair shop. I told them about the problem of my laptop and they said that they fixed it but the problem came back after I got it back from them and I was able to trigger it once by bumping the laptop on the bed mattress. I took the laptop back to the shop and I told them to check the laptop again and to check that wire again.

Am I right and the problem is with that wire? Can something else cause that problem?

How do I guarantee that the problem doesn't happen again? I tell them to replace that wire?

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@shadishtaklef yes, it could be that wire. It could also be the connector on the motherboard or on the screen. Replace the wire and having the connector to the screen checked, should fix this. Unless, there are issue with the driver board of the LCD, where the cable plugs into. A good repair shop will figure that out.

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