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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Android smartphone, announced and released in January 2021.

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USA screen vs UK screen

If I purchase the USA version of this screen replacement will it still work the same in the UK.

I have the UK version but the screen is flickering and I have decided to replace this, however the price difference between the USA and UK market is an absolute joke for what seems to be the same product.

As I understand it all the workable bits (ports ect) would be shifted into the new screen therefore the phone will still be UK version just wearing a USA top.

All answers appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi @ukman

If your model is an SM-G991B try searching for GH96-13942A GH96-13942B to see if there are better prices available locally.

I found one in the Netherlands for ~EU107.10 but I don't know how that compares with what you're looking at if you also have to include shipping.

Ifixit sells a display and battery "kit" for $US167.00 "for the US market" but it is only available in the USA.

The USA model number is SM-G991U & SM-G991U1 (unlocked)

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