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Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, better pixel density, and a better design.

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Old 3DS XL shuts off when closed (no popping noise)

So i've got a 3DS XL here and it's acting a bit weird. Mostly works fine, controls, screens, audio, everything except for both cameras which are borked and also whenever i close it as it then almost immediately shuts off. I looked around online for what could be the issue and i'm still not sure what it is. Haven't ever messed with the insides, system wasn't dropped once to my knowledge, and it charges just fine.

I can play on it just fine too and it only turns off whenever i close it and i have to wait a while (with it opened) before i can turn it on again. It did turn off randomly this one time when the battery was nearly drained (17.5%) but i was able to turn it back on as it still had some charge.

The consistent part is that i never once heard a popping noise coming out from it (From what i've read, a popping noise means that there might be an issue with the ribbon cables). This actually used to be a relative's 3DS and they have an unfortunate habit of leaving things powered on and/or charging overnight and then forgetting about it, so it could be the battery? I actually tried reseating the battery but that didn't solve it.

Edit: I found out that it only turns off when the sleep mode mechanism itself is activated, as it did stay on while closed during a crash report where it couldn't go into sleep mode. (Nothing serious there, the SD card's a bit iffy).

Edit 2: Ok, so it's really not the mechanism as the GBA VC sleep mode (where it just dims the screens) will not shut the system off.

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Not sure has 100% percent, but I'm gonna try to help effectively went a ribbon cable off the screen turn bad the console turnoff and make a popping noise, but I'm not sure if in the case of a bad connection with the cameras make a popping noise. I explain to me what we call the "popping noise" is the screen shouting down, so if the screen is good no popping noise but it can be the cameras because we already know that they are faulty so the ribbon cable is probably damaged and causes the issue

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Can you open the camera app?, if it just gives an error and returns to the menu then this could be the answer

I tried an old DS game in a faulty old 3ds and it just showed me the turn off console screen instead of opening it, I'm still looking if the same turn off issue and this is related to that single flex cable

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Sorry for the late reply but i can, actually.

The camera app does open and so does the games that use it, the camera's just very scrambled and therefore unusable.

I'll just replace the battery sometime soon and if that solves anything, i'll update the post.


@marzieiskewl that sounds like a broken ribbon for the camera, so yeah, pretty much the same issue I have, sadly the ribbon and camera are a single piece, so you have to replace both, at least the part is not costly at all


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