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Introduced in September 2004 and replaced with a version in 2010. The following model numbers apply: ZA11S, ZC71S, ZC11S, ZD11S, ZC21S, ZD21S, ZC31S.

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Why is my central lock not working?

Driver side door doesnt get lock/unlock using remote

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Simular issue 2008 keyless entry swift key fob flashes indicators open and unlock but wont operate any central locking neither does the drivers side button on the door panel it make a relay type click but nothing

i have swapped the control module but does this need a computer to set the key to the new module as it does even work the indicators now

keyless start works fine


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@umeshlokhande you are not telling us if it unlocks the other doors. If it does, it is the actuator in your door that has issues.

For now, we do not have enough information to narrow it down so here is the part of the SM that deals with the power looks Security And Locks Use that to narrow the issue down. Let us know what you find out.

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if you’re meaning the button on door isn’t responding to key proximity then I’m gonna say replace remote battery and once done that you’ve gotta let it reprogramme which it will do if you turn ignition to ac and let the key displayed on ignition lights change from red to blue BEFORE attempting to turn it over…

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No it's not a door lock open with remote

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