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The PSP E100 is a handheld games console designed by Sony. Also known as the PSP Street, this budget-friendly version of the PlayStation Portable released in October 2011.

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problem is with my chraging slot

i checked my adapter is working fine with other psp device by with my psp e1000 it is not working so problem is withy the charging slot , guide me yto repair chraging slot : thankyou in advance

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Hi @gauravsurana55

It may not be the USB port that is the problem.

There are two fuses that need to be checked as well.

Here's an image showing the location of the fuses on the motherboard, close to the USB port. They are both 1A fuses.

Use a DMM's (digital multimeter) Ohmmeter function to check if they are both OK.

You can also use the DMM's Voltmeter function to prove that the charge port is OK by connecting the charger to the device and then measuring the voltage on the output pins of the USB port connector.

Block Image

(click on image)

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Thankyou jayeff , actually my psp model is E1004 the fuse slot will be same ? Is there any risk if we self open and then refixt it ? What's your opinion?


If one fuse slot is not working then we have to replace the motherboard whole?



Looking at images of the psp e1004 board the fuses are in the same place.

If the fuses are OK and the port is OK then there's a problem further into the board.


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