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Black screen, no boot


Im having an issue with my Gigabyte Aorus 15g KC laptop, and i dont know what to do next.

It has happend the day after i installed chrome, and i can see there has been a windows update the day prior to.

All of a sudden, the screen is black. I have tried everything i can think of.

Was in the other room for 10 minites. Came back and the screen was black / off.

The screen on the laptop is black no matter what i do.

Im listing all the thing i have tried so far.

  • Connected it to a external screen, and it worked with both hdmi and mini displayport.
  • No boot screen anywhere. So unable to hard reset.
  • Tried accesing repair mode. No luck. The external scrren only shows a picture when it has loaded the win 11 login screen.
  • Tried booting from win boot usb drive.
  • Updatet all graphics drivers
  • Updated bios (via gigabyte control center)
  • Rolled back windows update
  • Tried to reset from windows. It wouldn't let me.
  • Updated every driver
  • Pulled the battey and the cmos battery.

After i pulled the battery, a can't even get a picture via hdmi or min displayport anymore.

What do i do next?

Thank you.

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Just to clarify, you get nothing at all on the built-in display, not even backlight?


No nothing at all.


I only get the sound then windows reaches the login screen. No picture on any screen.


@dan82439 does this " I only get the sound then windows reaches the login screen." mean, you have a display until that point?


No the built-in-display is off at all times. Doesn't turn on, at any point.

When it worked with the external display. It did not turn on before the pc reached the win login screen.


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Hi @dan82439

The problem will either be a hardware component or a corrupted Windows instalation - including drivers.

Did you get into Windows at any point with the external screen? You only mention "loggin screen". Did you try safe mode at any point? At loggin hold down <Shift> key and select Power and Restart (Note: angle brackets just to denote a keyboard key)?

Are the two fans working?

If you disconnect/take out the PCIe hard drive what does the internal or external screen display anything? Can you get into the BIOS/UEFI if either display works?

Swopping out one RAM module at a time may also be tried.

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Hi @aactech

When i start up the laptop, the built-in screen os black at all time. But I can hear it boot into windows. Because it makes the familiar sound when reaching. Windows login screen.

When i connected an external screen. It worked. But the screen didn't show any picture, before entering the windows login screen. So no boot up screen or anything lle that. Picture just popped op when windows was resdy for login.

I did not successfully enter safe mode.

Both fans er runnig, yes.

Taking out the harddrive didnt do anything. Neither did swapping the RAM.


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Start the laptop and then shine a flashlight at an angle close to the laptop screen and check if you can see any images at all, either try in BIOS or when the laptop is booting into Windows.

They will be very faint if they are there so trying this in a darkened room may help.

If you can detect any images then there is a backlight problem with the laptop display

If you can't detect images is the laptop fan turning on and are there any signs of activity with the status LEDs on the keyboard.

If not then the laptop may not be starting or passing POST

Did you disconnect the battery when the laptop was turned on? If so was the charger also connected at that time?

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Hi @jayeff

Tried starting it up in a totally darkened room and i can't any light from the screen.

Both fans are running when i turn on the laptop. I don't think there is a status led on this keyboard.

The pc is still reaching the windows login screen when i start it up. But no picture. Only the windows startup sound. So i know it boots properly, to some extent.

I turned the pc off. Took the whole back cover off (required removing 12 screws)

Unplugged the main battery from the motherboard. Then unplugged the cmos battery and left it like that for 20 minutes, before assembling it again.


Hi @dan82439

Try disconnecting the C: drive SSD from the motherboard and then start the laptop and check if you can get into BIOS with a working display


Hi @jayeff

Tried that also, with no luck.

I have been told that some laptops do not show anything before reaching the windows login screen, when connected to an external screen.

That might explain why i have been unable to se the boot options when connected to external screen.


Hi @dan82439

Did you shine the torch/flashlight on the screen like @jayeff suggested?


@aactech yes tried that to.

I think im going to take it to the local shop on monday. They only charge like 50 dollars for troubleshooting. If its the display cable, the swap is included in the price. If it's more expensive, the will send me an offer for the repair. And i can decide if its worth it.


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Hey for anyone wondering: had the same issue & was able to resolve it the following way:

Aorus laptops with an integrated graphics & an addition nvidia graphics card sometimes have a hard time booting when the latter is selected.

So, when rebooting, go into the BIOS settings (usually by pressing F12), then under Peripherals go to Switchable Graphics Device, and instead of PEG Mode select SG Mode.

Save & restart & it should work fine! :)

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My friend has same problem. It is probably a fault of the UEFI bios. It may also be a problem with the recovery partition if no update from the aorus website has been added. I leave my laptop on until the battery runs out. Later, after connecting the charger, the laptop starts normally. Now I have deleted all partitions from the disk and installed clean Windows 11. For now, I am in the testing phase. Regards

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