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iPod Hi-Fi is a speaker system that was developed and manufactured by Apple Inc. and was released on February 28, 2006, for use with any iPod digital music player. The iPod Hi-Fi retailed at the Apple Store until its discontinuation on September 5, 2007.

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Works for 3 minutes, then quits.

My A1121 works perfectly for the first 3 minutes m/l, and then it stops producing sound. The volume indicator light shows orange when I use the + or - volume buttons (after it quits). I am using AC power and the mini RCA jack. If I unplug it, and wait some time (at least 30 minutes), it will play again for about 3 minutes before the problem repeats.

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@curt2023 post some good picture of your power supply as well as your other boards (crossover) with your Question. Yes, it could be bad capacitors but it can also be bad amplifier IC's. Adding images to an existing question


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Sounds like the power logic is failing. Unless you have the deeper skills to trace out the logic I would y to find someone locally to help you.

Just guessing I would say one of the electrolytic capacitors has leaked or just on the verge of failing.

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look for a swollen cap or leaking one and replace it.


Thanks for the responses. I've watched a youtube video about replacing the power supply, and there are some components, including capacitors, mentioned in that video. I would give it a shot if I had some idea about where to find replacement capacitors.


@curt2023 - There should be markings on the caps. Once you know it’s just a matter of going to an electronics shop. Some times the physical dimensions is a factor


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