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Repair guides and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy A51 Android smartphone. Released in January of 2020.

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safety or protective features of batteries like EB-BA515ABY

I am looking for information on the safety or protective features of batteries like EB-BA515ABY. What safety features (temperature, short circuit, etc.) does it have, I can't find a real datasheet. How the manufacturer has solved such issues? Is there an pcb for that protection inside? Is an original replacement accu better?

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Hi @heyro3

Looking at one of the specifications as seen on the battery it conforms with the safety requirements of the National Standard of the People's Republic of China # GB31241-2014

It seems as though you have to purchase the document if you want a better copy to read, although you can read it online

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@heyro3 your battery has a small pcb attached to it. That is the Battery Control or Battery Management board. It prevents your battery from overcharging, deep discharging, and short circuiting. Some boards do more "nasty" stuff, like preventing you from using an aftermarket battery or from charging in an aftermarket charger. This is for example what Makita does, to ensure you can only use their batteries and their chargers. Something like this "the battery in your iPhone cannot be verified" is most often embedded in those circuit boards.

You will not find this data in any datasheet about the battery. You will have to disect the circuit board and get the datasheets for the IC's used on that. To "read" the data on the IC's you will need the programmer for it.

Replacement batteries should be as safe and as good as the originals, if you purchase them from a reliable source. I prefer to stay away from ebay, Amazon, or Aliexpress when it comes to batteries. A lot of those places reprogram the protection board with their own data to show either a higher capacity or wrong date of manufacture etc.

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