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Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. Released in April 2017.

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phone wont turn on after small drop.

phone fell out of my pocket less then two feet from the ground i work in IT myself so i opened it up and nothing is broken or disconnected but the phone refuses to turn back on and when on a charger it just vibrates and shows the lightning bolt in a curcle image. not even a battery percent. wont even let me turn it off when plugged in. the samsung logo just popes up for a sec then the charging logo shows again and screen goes black.

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Hi @eageus11

Here's the service manual for the phone that may help to find out what the problem is (problems are?).

Start with the battery problem first

Go to p.89 (of 110 pdf numbering) and follow the Charging Part Wire Charging (Normal/Fast) troubleshooting flowchart and check.

Search the document for the component designation number(s) as shown in the flowchart (in Win PC use Ctrl key + f key) to find the location of the component on the board layout diagrams (zoom in 400%+) and also the component part number in the parts list that is in the manual.

If a part is faulty, search online using for Samsung (insert component part number) to find suppliers of the part.

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