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Whirlpool Gold Series Dishwashers can be identified by model number WDF750SAYM0, WDF750SAYM1, or WDF750SAYM2.

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Spray arms not spraying or spinning

What's the likely culprit for spray arms not spinning or spraying? If i pour water into the bottom of the machine after about 5 minutes of run time, the arm will spray the water (not much pressure). Is this something worth repairing or more likely replacement is a better option?

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Hi @amberurban,

What is the model number of the dishwasher?

Is the bottom of the dishwasher filling with water before it starts to wash?

Have you checked if the filter is clear and unobstructed?


model WDF760SADM2, i think maybe from around 2014? (serial is F53408173)


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Hi @amberurban

If the filter is clear (if clogged this will impede the flow of water from the circulation pump to the spray arms reducing the pressure), it could also be a faulty circulation pump or clogged spray arms outlets as well.

Here's the tech sheet for the dishwasher that may help.

Run the service diagnostics as described by the guide (see p.3 and p.6→) and check if any error codes are being displayed which may indicate what the problem is.

If there is an error code and it turns out to be a faulty part, here's a link to a parts supplier that is useful.

Find the faulty part in the parts list and note the manufacturer's part number for the part - not the parts supplier's part number. Then search online using the manufacturer's part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

Also if you click on the part in the suppliers part list to get to the individual part listing, there may be a video showing how to replace it

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