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Canon's Rebel XT is one of Canon's early entry-level DSLR's. Also marketed as the EOS 350D and the EOS Kiss Digital N.

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My Camera is not switching on

Okay, so when I was like 7 years old...I was like 'cool! A camera!'. I picked it up and forceably pushed the memory card the wrong way Into the slot thus bending some of those poky needle thingy's in the slot.

My dad scolded me and just kept it in the attic cos it was not working...

8 years later and I like photography...So I got the old eos 350d and, using a tweezer, bent back all the needle thingy's in the process, 2 broke, both on the the bottom row...

I put the battery in the charging block and when it was fully charged, I put it in the battery slot in the 350d. Then I put the memory card gingerly "the right way" into it and It fit!

I tried to switch it on didn't switch on...

So what must I do? I looked online and some places said to take out the 2nd battery for about 10 seconds and put it back in and it should work...but I want to know if this would really work or is there any other dad's not allowing me to take it to a repair shop or buy me a new please help me hold onto my passion of photography...thanks!

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@joeleedope the problem that you are having, is that you have a known-broken part. That could shorten, or at least prevent the camera to turn on. My suggestion would be to fix that part first. I am not sure if you had your camera disassemble to repair the CF reader. Just in case, use something like this video or even up to step 17. Of course you can also use the Canon EOS 350D Disassembly instructions for your camera. The reader is soldered to the main board. You may have to get a donor board to transplant the reader or even try to replace the pins. Replacement boards are available at places like for ~USD$30 (looks like you will have to do some chores to make some $$)

Now, while you are working on your camera to get it back into shape, it is always good to replace the RTC battery (its a CR2016) That would also test the theory that this will enable you to restart your camera.

Now, one more thing and it may just be important. There are at least two fuses on your motherboard. One of those is a power fuse. So, take a very careful look at the board component. You may find it, since it should have a P printed on it. If you can't find it, post some really good pictures of that circuit board (both sides) with your Question. Remember that we will have to enlarge it, so please make sure it is a well focused, large enough image. Adding images to an existing question

None of this is really complicaed or to complex. Just take your time and study everything first before just tearing it down. You got this!

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