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Released late 2015, identified by model number A01-431-C8G8

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A part of my motherboard overheats whenever I plug in the power supply

Whenever I plug in the battery, a part of the motherboard which is beside the WLAN port and below the CPU gets very hot very quickly. Is it normal? I have attached the picture of the part that is overheating below. Please help me

Block Image

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@lolworks which one? The one with three "legs" are diodes and the once with the 6 legs are IC's (possible mosfets) Some of those can get pretty warm but should not get hot enough for you to not being able to touch.

Q3000 is PM513BA P-Channel Enhancement in a SOT-23 package PM513BA UNIKC

Q3001 is listed as a L2N700DW1T1G No data is available on that IC but it appears to be another Mosfet and is possibly proprietary to ACER

D3000 is a AZC099-04S protection array (looks like a diode) AZC099 04S

Q3006 is a LMBT3904LT1G general pulse transistor

All of these components are part of the Multi Touch Conn circuitry. I would start by replacing the part that is getting hot and see if it was that component or if it still heat up etc, tracing the circuitry for other issues. The components are available at multiple places like or Since we had one we could not identify, I would opt for finding a donor board and harvesting the parts from that.

ACER Aspire One Cloudbook

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Hi @lolworks

Seems like there may be a problem in the LCD panel.

Of course it could also be a problem in that particular circuit section of the motherboard e.g. faulty capacitors or resistors associated with the power mosfet.

If the motherboard is an Aspire One Cloudbook 14 AO1-431NVENTEC Caltech Oxford then here's an image from the schematic that shows that the components circled in the image you posted form part of the power supply for the screen.

I can't find out what pins 1 & 2 functions are as I don't know what the make and model number of the LCD panel is to find the datasheet for the panel, which gives the pin function but it may be for the touchscreen.

Block Image

(click on image)

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@jayeff looks like the 3.3V enable circuit for the touchscreen....¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Hi @oldturkey03 and @jayeff. Thank you for your response! However, I would like to know if it is still safe to be used like normal(It gets very hot even when I did not turn it the whole pc on, I just plugged in the battery). Thanks for your wonderful answers again!


Hi @lolworks

I personally wouldn't risk it.

If it gets hot just by having the battery connected then it may get even hotter and burn out (along with other components perhaps) if you turn the laptop on and try using it.

Better to find out why it's getting hot first and fix that rather than having to possibly fix more problems.

Your choice of course.

Just my view.


@lolworks I totally agree with @jayeff This is a situation where it is better to be proactive.


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