How do I reset an iPhone 4s without the original battery?

How can I reset an iPhone 4s without an original battery? I don't have a reprogramer and the original battery (Mine didn't come with a battery), so is there any tool to fix that issue that is not paid? Also, the iPhone can no longer boot into iOS once I exit recovery mode.

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@khanyt Let's fix the problem of the phone not booting into iOS first. Have you tried putting the phone in recovery mode and connecting it too a Mac or PC with iTunes, then using the recovery option in iTunes to restore the phone OS?


@andrewsawesome I did. And resetting it gives error 29, which means it doesen't have an original battery, and it needs an original battery for resetting. I cannot boot into iOS probably 'cause I resetted it lots and lots of times.


@khanyt Do you have a Windows computer?


I do. I have a Dell Inspiron N4050 (A Laptop) from about 10 years ago. It's running Windows 10 Home. It's crappy and laggy, but does the job.


@khanyt Download the latest version of 3uTools from and install. Run 3uTools and plug in the iPhone while it is in recovery mode.

When the information screen comes up (the screen with information about the iPhone plugged in), click Flash & JB>Easy Flash. Select iOS 9.3.5 or the version closest to it. When prompted, select "Retain user's data while flashing". 3uTools should do the rest automatically.


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