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Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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Kernal Panic when running zoom 1 year after SSD Replacement

Hi everyone,

I replaced the harddrive on my Macbook Pro Retina late 2013 with the WD Black SN770 NVMe SSD 1TB and this sintech adapter.

Recently when I've been running zoom (2 calls recently, 1 didn't cause issue) I've been getting kernel panics causing the computer to freeze and shut down.

I'm not sure if I should replace the adapter or if it is an issue with the SSD (which would be unfortunate since it's only a year old). I still have to run MacOS 10.14.6 due to some old software incompatible with newer updates.

Here are the last two error reports

Let me know if anyone has any thoughts.

Thank you,


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Are you sure it’s the SSD? It could very likely be something else. My old MacBook Pro would always kernel panic because the cpu would reach 110 C when doing everyday tasks, like zoom calls. It could even be something else. You may also want to check out the SSD is connected just in case. Does it just kernel panick doing zoom calls, or randomly?

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Ok, I think it might be the SSD. You listed that the computer freezes before booting, and this happened to my iMac 21.5”. You may want to make sure all connections are working on the SSD.


Not entirely sure it's the SSD, but a hunch from other forum posts. No issues booting and the only two instances it froze were during a zoom call. I had one instance where it randomly froze during work but wasn't able to get a report. Current ambient temp is 84C CPU and 84C GPU. Will open it up and make sure the adapter looks okay and isn't loose and will check back. Thank you!


@daniel70389 No problem! It might be the CPU temps though. You might want to install macs fan control as that helps keep the CPU nice and cool, or replace the thermal paste, if it is indeed the temps causing your Mac to crash.


Thanks! I haven't replaced the thermal paste since I bought the computer so might try that as the next step (bought this kit [bağlı ürün eksik veya kapalı: IF179-010]). Also replaced the battery around the same time as the SSD but hasn't been causing any issues so thought it was a less likely culprit.


Alright! One tip for replacing thermal paste: don’t over tighten the screws on the CPU heat sink as they easily break. This happend with my MBP and it was really bad for temps.


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Sadly your files where deleted!

Let’s give this a try what does the onboard diagnostics tell you. Restart your system and press the D key. Depending on the systems firmware Apple damaged the onboard diagnostics so if it fails to load we may need. Different approach.

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Thanks for your reply! Files are back (sorry they accidentally got moved)


@daniel70389 - Well it’s not good 😞 the panic call is within the NVMe driver. So while you would think the issue is with the driver this is a common issue I’ve seen with M2 SSDs using an adapter.

For the sake of clarity let’s use a mind model… your on a cliff and your team needs to host you up which rope would you like them to use? The rope which has a bunch of splices or one which has no blemishes or damage?

I hope you picked the second! So how does this apply here? The fewer the connections the better and to add to it Apple has a few other lines within their SSDs which are not used with the M2 drives.

Don’t get me wrong here I do like the M2 SSDs! I have two RAID boxes with them, but I wouldn’t tempt fate trying to use one in either an iMac which is a lot of work to get to or even a MacBook Pro, at least it’s a lot easier to get to.

I only install either real Apple drives or either OWC or Transcend which make pin compatible SSDs.


@danj Thanks that is a good analogy! I went with the M2 drive with the adapter because it was slightly more affordable and had some friends have no issues, but might be best to replace with an OWC or Transcend drive to avoid problems in the future (and just use this drive as an extra backup).

I think OWC drives just have one model but do you have any recommendations for specific Transcend drives? Had a repair shop previously recommend these before I did the DIY replacement


@daniel70389 - I fully understand the draw. But you get what you paid for. Review their web site to get the correct one.


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