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The Whirlpool WRS588FIHZ is a side-by-side stainless steel refrigerator with a total capacity of 21.7 cu. ft., featuring frameless glass shelves, LED lighting, adjustable gallon door bins, and a factory-installed ice maker. It is equipped with electronic temperature controls, temperature alarm, automatic defrost, and is ADA compliant.

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WRS588FIHZ00 Can you take this front apart

I have a whirlpool refrigerator model wrs588fihzoo I am trying to clean the outside water dispenser and ice maker but I noticed that it has mold up on the flap and inside the plastic can you take this front apart so you can get to it and can you buy a new flap for your refrigerator

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Hi @cherylpetsche

Here's a video that may help.

The ice door shown in the video is not the same type as the one in your model, but hopefully the video is close enough to give you some idea of what's involved in removing the dispenser control fascia to access the ice door

Here's the diagram of the dispenser parts for your model that may also help to give you some idea of what's there.

The ice door unit is Item #6, part #W11098702 (supplier image of the part in your model to show what it looks like).

If it doesn't clean sufficiently to your liking and you wish to replace it search online for the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

As seen in the video you have to disconnect some wires from the control panel, so it may be prudent to take some pictures of which wires, go where, before you disconnect them, to make it easier for when you have to reconnect them.

Be safety aware and disconnect the power to the refrigerator before trying to disassemble and clean the dispenser area.

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