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A general purpose laptop released in 2010 with a 15.6" screen.

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Power issue and won't power

I have an Acer aspire 5253 with an issue of power. When I connected the charger to a power source it has no indication of charging and wouldn't power on even when the battery has some power in it. Then at certain time of the day it just then powers on. Initially I thought it was something I could resolve easily by resetting the bios but it didn't. Sometimes it doesn't come on for weeks. I went online and read something about warming up the system then it would come on.

I realized that this happens when the weather is cold, so I just have to heat up the laptop then it would function normal. I have be on this in the last five years. My technicians can trace the problem. Please, how can I resolve this?

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Hi @jeffomuji

If the motherboard make and model is a Compal LA-7092P here's the schematic for the board that will help.

Go to p.36 and check when the charger is connected to the laptop, that there's 19V DC at the VIN reference point as shown on the schematic, and if so go to the VIN references on p.37 and start following the voltage through to the various components to see where the problem may be.

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Thank you @jayeff

Would do that


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