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Repair and additional information for the Kenmore 401.40483800 refrigerator—a 2008 side-by-side model with an integrated ice dispenser and automatic defrost system.

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Why is my refrigerator not cooling

The right side, only the refrigerator, not the freezer is not cooling. It is making a low and slow noise

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Hi @sarahmerchan

What are the actual temperatures in each compartment?

There are two evaporator units in the model. One is located in the refrigerator compartment and the other is in the freezer compartment.

The flow of the refrigerant gas through the evap units creates the cold temperatures in each compartment.

The direction of the flow of the gas i.e. through freezer evap only, through refrigerator evap only or through both together is done by a step valve (part #DK31-00005C) under the control of the control board, dependent on the temperatures in each compartment..

If the refrigerator compartment is not getting cool at all it may be a problem with the valve or the control board.

If it is cool but not cool enough it may be due to a faulty evaporator fan/fan circuit or a faulty defrost circuit i.e. defrost heater, defrost thermostat etc in the refrigerator compartment.

If it is the valve, as it is a part of the refrigerant sealed system, then depending on your location, you may need to get a licensed refrigerator repairer to check it out, due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases.

Your model seems to be a "made for Kenmore" (rebadged?) Samsung model as it is comprised solely of Samsung parts.

I'm not sure if this will work but here's the section from the equivalent Samsung model service manual that describes how to perform a self diagnosis check to see if any error codes are shown. I have read that this procedure works on the Samsung version but not on the rebadged Kenmore version. Worth a try anyway.

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