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Repair and disassembly guides and support for dish washing appliances.

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Midea MDT24H3AST dishwasher error

About a week ago or so, my water lines froze, before the freeze, my dishwasher was working.

I tried last night to wash a load and found out that the dishwasher is erroring out with the delicate light flashing. From what I could find, it means drain hose may be plugged or filter may be dirty.

I poured water inside of the unit to see if it pumps out water, and from what I can see, it appears to be normal. I even sucked out as much water as I could out of the hose to see if it would stop throwing the error, but alas that did not work.

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Hi @ndowens04

Here's the service manual for the dishwasher.

Run the diagnostic tests as described on p.27 and check what error codes are shown.

The error code meaning are on p.28→p.29. The error LEDs are in a binary format. To convert binary to decimal the numbering is from right to left i.e. Binary digits decimal value = 8 4 2 1 e.g. decimal 9 = binary 1001 (8+1), decimal 3 = binary 0011 (2+1) etc. Apologies if you knew how to do this already.

If you find a part that is faulty and needs replacing (stuck overflow switch?, faulty water inlet valve?) here's the parts list for the machine. Locate the wanted part to find the part number for the part and then search online for the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

On p.30 there's a wiring diagram that may also help.

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