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Dishwasher Indesit DFG26B1 start and stops with 2 red LEDs blinking

This 4 years old dishwasher Indesit DFG26B1 nearly works. It will always start without any issue but after few minutes doing a bit of noise (sounds like water is flowing in) it will blink with its 2 red LEDs and stop. If I stop the machine and try again it usually does manage to run a while longer (I'd say 30min) but still does not finish.

I checked :

  1. the manual with troubleshooting section but I can't find the exact "message" there
  2. water from the pipe does flow in
  3. the filter from the inflow pipe is clean
  4. the inside of the machine is also clean, i.e no pieces obstructing any hole or filter I could spot
  5. I tilted the machine its side, remove the plate under the machine, all seems connected normally
  6. I pulled the machine outside of its nook to insure that the cables weren't bent and even tried a cycle outside

What could I try next?

Block Image

Update (02/02/24)

I unplugged the appliance, emptied it, turned it on its side. Here is what I believe to be the pressure sensor. According to the few comments I read online it might be the culprit. I believe I need (assuming its pipe itself isn't clogged) is to adjust it. I might try to find the right screw slot and give it a very gentle turn.

Block Image

Block Image

Update (02/02/24)

And... it didn't nothing. Maybe :

- I have not have tighten up the screw enough,

- the tube leading to the sensor is clogged,

- this isn't actually the problem.

BTW I did blow into the sensor and it made a sound, I assume it works but might use a multimeter to be sure.

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Hi @utopia,

Assuming that you have a cold water connection, after the machine fills, starts and then fails is the water in the machine hot at all?

Turn off the power to the machine when you go to check ;-)


Hi @jayeff, indeed it's a cold water connection. So assuming I manage to make it properly start (e.g restarting 5 times the process) and it fails "late" in the cycle, when I open the door it is warm (dishes are cleaned, hot, and steam goes out the machine). Still when it does so it doesn't finish the cycle, I assume at that point it's just about rinsing.



Is there still water at the bottom of the dishwasher?


@jayeff not that I notice no, seems to drain well


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Hi @utopiah

I can't find the service manual for your model but here's some information that may help.

Here's an image that shows how to interpret the fault error codes.

Based on the image the problem is fault code F05.

This was determined by the information in this link that shows what LEDs are on to get the code.

The LED numbering is in binary so the decimal equivalent for the LEDs i.e LED 1=1, LED 2=2, LED 3=4 & LED 4= 8 so the two green LEDs that are on in your image are 1 + 4 = 5 Hopefully this makes some sense to you.

However, according to the same link above there's no F5 fault code BUT according to this link an F05 code is a faulty door lock (not mentioned at all in the first link) and reading the description of the fault (F05) it may be the cause of the problem.

Block Image

Hopefully this may be of some help to you.

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Thanks @jayeff! Yes the binary conversion makes sense to me. What is problematic is which LED do count (i.e here the difference between what the manual says without the code, thus including the 2 red LEDs) vs the error system. This means there are 2 ways to get information.

Anyway F05 is an option, I'll try to see if I can find a way to insure the door is properly shut or if there is something obstructing a possible lock sensor. What is surprising is that sometimes (after insisting with start, restart few times) it does start the cycle then stops. Maybe it stops due to the heat which might make the entire body expand just enough to push the door slightly open?

I'll try what I can, thanks for the potential problem and helping to decipher what the error code might mean.

At the very least it shows me I looked in the right place and it's not obvious if experts are not 100% sure!



Usually the door latch has a switch it it which is operated when the door is shut so it could be that the switch is operated when the door is closed when it is first started and then vibration during the wash cycle may cause it to register that the door is open.

It could also simply be a loose wiring harness connection to the door latch assembly

Just a thought


Yes vibration would be a better hypothesis. It always, 100% of the time, do start the cycle yet fails 99.9% of the time after few minutes. I tried pushing on the door more forcefully or checking for debris around the seal but nothing striking.

Would unmounting the door to look for the wiring be a very demanding and difficult job for somebody who never did it?



Here's a video that might help.

I realize that it's not your model but hopefully there's not too much difference in how the manufacturer made them.

At ~4:20 minutes into the video the control panel is being removed and you can see where the door switch actuator (in the body at the middle in the top of the machine) goes into the assembly.

I'm not sure if the switch is in the actuator in the body or in the module in the control panel though, as I've seen it in either place on other machines depending on the maker.

If there's no wiring on the actuator in the body then it will be in the module on the control panel ;-)


Thanks, might try to open the front panel then. I also checked on and interestingly I saw at least half a dozen F05 (LEDs 1 and 3 on) questions, where people like me are confused about an error that apparently does not exist.

Interesting to see so many commends in that time period too, it seems to have happened during the last few months.


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