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Whirlpool Gold Series Dishwashers can be identified by model number WDF750SAYM0, WDF750SAYM1, or WDF750SAYM2.

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Dishwasher fills stops next cycle after few seconds of spray

Model gu2455xtsb3, fills with water, moves to next cycle and starts to spray for few seconds and stops, control panel lights all go off. No flashing lights and does not drain until you hit Cancel/drain butto

Update (03/03/24)

Replac d control board and that resolved issue.

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Hi @kurtiskeling

Here's the tech sheet for the dishwasher.

Initially perform the Checking keypad operation procedure (see centre section, bottom of p.2) just to check if the keypad is OK or not.

If it is then run the Service diagnostic cycle tests as described by the sheet (see left side, bottom of p.1) to check if it shows what's wrong.

If you do find the problem and it is a part that needs replacing, here's a parts list that may be useful.

Scroll through the list to locate the wanted part, to find the manufacturer's part number that is listed with it. Then search online for the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

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Ran service test by pressing Heated dry, normal, heated dry, normal. Display showed d3 and Rinse Only lit up, then switched display to 07 with Normal light on ran a few seconds and then the whole thing just went dark and powered off. Just like when we try and run a regular wash cycle.



Do all the LEDs turn on when first starting the diagnostics?

Does it start to fill with water?

If you haven't already done so disconnect the power to the dishwasher for ~10 minutes, reconnect and check what happens


All LEDs come on at start of Diagnostic, just rechecked continuity on both door switch sensors and they tsted fine. First time DW stops tub about quarter full and water has not reached float switch, so I restarted diags and second stop water is touching float switch but not activated, meaning i am able to lift float and then hear it click, retart diags again w/o draining and stops butfloat switch is now activated. Restart again and it runs through all od diagnostic.


@jayeff unplugged DW few times during continuty testing.



Seems as though the float switch may be faulty - sticking?


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