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One piece of my laptop board gets burning hot

My laptop wasn't turning on, so I opened it to investigate. There's one small chip on a smaller board (separate from the motherboard) that is burning hot when the battery is plugged into the motherboard. Pics attached, part circled in orange.

Block Image

Block Image

The laptop doesn't turn on at all. When pressing the power button, a blue light turns on ( that usually shows power on ) but it turns off within 2-3 seconds. Anything I can do or is my laptop finished?

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Hi @jackie84720,

What is the model number of the laptop?


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Hi @jackie84720,

What is the model number of the laptop?

Use a strong light and a magnifying glass and check if the pins on the USB port which is on the board you circled, are OK and not bent, twisted etc.

You could try disconnecting the cable from the board that the component that is getting hot is on (it's called the IO board - Input Output board) by lifting the locking bar on the cable connector and gently removing it from the connector and then check if the laptop turns on.

Make sure that the loose cable end doesn't touch anything on the motherboard.

You could try disconnecting the cable at the other end but it seems to disappear under the WiFi card which seems a bit strange, having a card above a cable connector. Hopefully it is not the same cable that appears to be jammed under the battery cable just above the - and + symbols in the middle of the battery as shown in your image.

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