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Whirlpool wrx735dhz03 Ice maker help

I have a Whirlpool refrigerator model wrx735dhz03 with a built in on the refrigerator door ice maker. I’ve had the refrigerator for just over two years and have now replaced the ice maker unit 3 times. The problem is always the same. It makes ice normally for about six months but then begins to form giant masses of ice in the bottom of the ice tray. These giant ice bergs are best described as cubes frozen into pools of water at the bottom of the ice tray. I was guessing the ice cube tray was being overfilled, or the ice storage drawer was not consistently cold and was allowing already formed ice to melt and refreeze. But, with each new ice maker I install the cycle starts over again… good for six months then ice bergs. And so on. I am using Whirlpool OEM W10882923 ice maker replacements.

I have also done the following: replaced the shutoff valve, measured the water pressure entering the refrigerator (which is at a consistent 35 to 40 psi). Interior of the refrigerator measures 38F on the top shelf and 32 on the bottom shelf.

What else should I be looking at? A thermostat somewhere? Electrical problem?

Any help is appreciated.

Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly Kit - W10882923 Görseli


Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly Kit - W10882923


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Hi @jkingsland

Did you mean a WRX735SDHZ03?

It seems strange that it takes ~6 months for the problem to show up after a replacement has been installed. If the problem was external to the ice maker you would think that it would show up a lot sooner than this, within a few days perhaps.

It could be the ice door intermittently not closing properly allowing warmer air to enter to melt the ice and it could then reform into larger blocks.

Something to check perhaps.

Here's the tech sheet for the model listed above, that may help.

Run service test #18 (ice door motor) to check its operation is OK and also perhaps service test #37 (ice box thermistor), just to check if it is OK as well.

If you do find a faulty part and it needs replacing, here's a parts list that is useful.

Locate the wanted part in the list to find the manufacturer's part number for the part that is listed with it. Then search online for the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

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