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Break in wire insulator, is there any way to secure this?

The insulator seems to have broken off, the adapter works fine but I am afraid this break might make the wire more susceptible to getting damaged. Can anyone suggest ways to secure this?

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Hi @jrhooman

Ensure that the cable is straight and not bent, where the break is and then tightly wrap electrical tape around the cable and the strain relief boot, covering the break. Wrap about 2cm either side of the break.

Then cover the electrical tape with some suitably sized heatshrink tubing (examples only)

You will need two pieces cut to a suitable length to cover the tape. Cut each piece lengthwise so that it can be wrapped over the cable.

Put on the 1st piece and then place the 2nd piece so that it covers the gap of the 1st piece so that effectively there's heatshrink all around the cable.

Then heat the tubing up by either using a heat gun or running the barrel of a soldering iron along the tubing (only) to make it shrink onto the cable sealing the break and also preventing the electrical tape from eventually unravelling as most seem to do after a few years.

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Thank you for your answer! I will do as you have instructed. One question tho, is the main insulator supposed to be joint to the strain relief boot or does it go through it?



Normally the entire cable i.e. cable insulation + insulated wires goes through the strain boot and the wires are only exposed when terminated on the adapter plug.

The strain boot is heat fitted or compressed to fit tight over the cable during manufacture so unless you slice open the boot length wise (without damaging the cable) and then peel open the boot, the cable will not move through the boot. as it is basically now fixed to it.

Sealing the break with electrical tape and then covering that with heatshrink to hold the tape in place permanently is the best that you can do without replacing the entire cable.

Just replacing the boot would work if you can find a similar sized longer one, so the break is covered, and which is also held in the same way to the adapter plug but this isn't easy as either they're the same size so that's no good or too wide a diameter, wrong collar fitting etc. etc.


@jayeff ahh I see, thank you so much for the information, really helpful, means a lot to me! I will proceed with the suggested solution.


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