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The Acer Aspire 5 A515-43 is a slim and silver Acer laptop with a 15.6 inch Full HD display, Ryzen 5 3500U processor, 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM, 128GB SSD and Backlit Keyboard. In this page you’ll find repair and service information related to the Acer Aspire 5 A515-43. Models of this laptop include: R057, R19L, R1JA, R2MQ, R33M, R3GE, R4Q7, R4YY, R4Z2, R5HG, R5QW, R7B8, R7MS, R9B1

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Need to replace battery in Acer Aspire A515-43

My laptop case has started cracking--on the left side. between the ~ key and the tab key on the top. The crack is about an inch long, going from the left edge of the laptop to the left side of those two keys. The bottom of the case is also slightly separated right below where the power cord plugs in.

I am guessing that the battery is swelling, and I need to replace it. Unfortunately, I do not find a repair guide or battery for this model.

Is there another battery and repair guide that would work for this model?


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Hi @rileybk

Here are some guides that may help to gain access to remove/replace the battery.

Battery replacement video

ifixit Acer Aspire 5 A515-43-R19L RAM Replacement guide which gives another view how to access the battery but not how to remove it.

Looking at zoomed in images on the ifixit guide, the battery part number is TIS-2217-2548 (supplier examples only). Check what the part number is on your battery to verify and then search online for the part number only, to find suppliers that suit you best.

p.s. no doubt you will, but if the battery is swollen etc, remember to dispose of it responsibly e.g. hazardous waste or battery recycling collection centres and not just place it in a garbage bin. Thanks.

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