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GU2300XTVS0: Random pattern on lights [Quiet Partner III]

Brand/Model: Whirlpool, Quiet Partner III, GU2300XTVS0

Dishwasher started to have some issues a few months back when we were not able to change cycle settings. This was not an issue since we always run on 'Normal' and 'Heated Dry'. However, a couple of days ago I noticed lights on right side of the panel were randomly flashing for a quick second. I just ignore it because cycle was running normal.

Now dishwasher wont start unless I do these steps:

1. Reset it by turning power off and back on (from electric board switch) when door is open

  1. Closing door (a noise similar to draining will start)
  2. Pushing cancel button (noise will stop)
  3. Pushing start button (and a cycle start)

Cycle will clean dishes as normal with heated dry, like there were no issue. However if I want to start another cycle, I'll need to do above steps again.

Also lights will show very random patterns during the whole cycle as shared in the images.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

What do you suggest?

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Hi @oscarcallau

Looking at the tech sheet for the dishwasher the symptoms appear to indicate a faulty keypad.

Follow the steps as shown in the Checking Keypad Operation section (lower right half of p.2) and check if anything seems amiss

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Thanks @jayeff, I did the checking keypad operation, control is still working as expected, so this is a keypad issue.



Hopefully it may only be a diode problem or a corrosion problem and not that the panel needs replacing as they are not cheap.

If you decide to replace the panel search online for WPW10175347 to find suppliers that suit you best. Perhaps try and find one that has a good returns policy with only a small restocking fee maybe, so as to minimize the cost to you if the control panel is not the problem.

The part number is a replacement part number for the original part which was part number W10175347 which has been superseded as supposedly it is no longer available. This part number may be on a sticker on your panel, just so that you're aware of why the "slight" change in the numbers i.e. from W.... to WPW......

Although searching online for either number still gives results for suppliers


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