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Icemaker completely freezing over

I have a whirlpool GI6FDRXXY00 French door refrigerator. If I turn my ice maker on, I notice after a day that ice will have formed under the tray and the whole ice bin will be one large block of ice. I do notice some thawing and drips of water when I open the doors. The ice supply line previously frozen over but I replaced that. Is this a bad ice maker?

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Hi @briandaresta

Seems as though there is water still coming into the ice maker and overflowing into the bin, freezing the ice there into a solid mass.

Check if the ice maker shut off arm¹ is working OK.

This stops any more ice from being made if the bin is full i.e. should stop the ice maker from filling and possibly overflowing.

¹ Supplier example only to show location of the part (select parts diagram image) and the manufacturer's part number. If it is faulty and needs replacing, search online for the manufacturer's part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

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