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This page contains repair and more information about the Frigidaire FFHB2740P**A refrigerator—a standalone, automatic defrost refrigerator without an ice maker or through-the-door dispenser, released in 2014. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern FFHB2740P**A.

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Refrigerator is cold, but Freezer is warm.

Freezer temp started showing erratic temps and then fridge did too. I replaced the thermistor (the old one was blown out) and now the fridge is cold, but the freezer will not freeze. Fridge is set to and showing a temperature of 37 degrees. Freezer is set to zero and is showing a temp of 38 degrees. Refrigerator has been running for two days now and temp still rising in freezer. Fridge is maintaining a solid temp.

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Hi @scottleightner,

What is the full model number of the refrigerator?

Can you hear if the evaporator fan, located inside the freezer compartment is running?

It will run as long as the compressor is running and will stop when a door is opened (the compressor will keep on running)

Is the compressor motor running continually trying to drive down the temp or does it stop occasionally for a short while and then start again?

Is the compressor motor hot (or too hot) to the touch?

Have you checked that the condenser coils near the compressor are clean and dust free?


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It could be that your refrigerator is out of freon or the motor is going bad you should always take time to move the refrigerator from the wall look at the back of it see if it's dirty give it a clean while it's unplugged shouldn't take long to clean it plug it back in and see if that helps if it doesn't then the motor is bad or needs freon

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