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Ordering a charging port?

Hi, folks:

I can't locate a charging port for my 4th gen iPod touch (nor for any iPod, for that matter) here on iFixIt. Mine has a couple of pins broken off, and won't charge properly. Need I purchase an entire logic board to replace it? I have a 32GB touch.

Thanks for the tips,


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Binky Melnik, here is my answer from a very similar question "first I'd like to say that this is not an easy job and does require some very good soldering skills as well as great tools. Hot-air station would be the best, but it can be done with a good soldering iron, a steady hands and some good magnifying light. In order to remove it, disassemble the iPod completely by using one of these guides.. Then you will have to de-solder the solder from the two anchors of the dock connector. best way to do that is by using braid or a solder sucker. After that you will have to de-solder each and everyone of the pins (30 of those) again, a solder sucker or braid will definitely be a must. Once you have it all de-soldered, clean it and replace the dock connector by soldering all the contacts and anchors. Make sure that you are very careful not to bridge the contacts with solder. Check this video for what needs to be done and if you are up to the challenge. It is a 2md gen iPod but the same idea. the part is available at places like this. If you are not sure if you want to do that job, there are commercial places available that will fix it for you for around $60-$80. The dock connector is available at places like thisand many more, I'm sure. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Wow; and I'd been worried about replacing a logic board?! Good grief! The thought of de-soldering and re-soldering 30 pins makes me dizzy (I have fine tremors), so I think replacing the motherboard appeals after all! Thanks for letting me know what replacing the port entails.

(And now that I think about it, my pod is reporting the amount of charge wrong anyway, so I believe a motherboard replacement is mandatory anyway.)

Tell me something (if you can): I'm not finding a logic board on the iPod touch page ( For that matter, I'm not having any luck googling it, either. *Is* it something I can replace, or am I out of luck, and I'll be forced to have someone replace my charging port after all (and I'll just hafta live with my pod mis-reporting my battery level)? Do you know? (I suspect you do; I've a feeling oldturkey knows an awful lot! (grin))

Thanks very much for your help; I appreciate it a lot!



:-) yes, it is a bit of a PITA to repair it. There are a couple of choices you have. Like I mentioned in my answer, you can get your current dock connector replaced by a commercial service for about ~$60-$80, or you can get a new logic board for around ~$110. Problem with that is that those are mostly 8GB boards. Look at places like this. You can of course try the old stand-by,, and see if something comes up about a used one. Problem with that is, you do not necessarily know what you get ( may be someones problem board) I would probably go with a board repair and replace the battery. That may fix your wrong percentage indication as well. Hope this helps, good luck.


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