Device charges with orange blinking light for a while then turns off.

my psvita charges with orange blinking light for a few minutes, the light then turns to orange steady for a few seconds, flashes blue then dies. once the vita is on the console refuses to charge. i tried the most basic stuff like changing the battery, changing the cable, but i havent really touched any of the more "electronic" stuff like capacitors, mobo ecc... i have spent a lot of money on this and id hate to see the money wasted, please can someone help? (No CFW installed, vita is factory settings resetted)

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This thread from earlier seems to have a similar enough issue that I would start with their solution and go from there. I would also advise you to add pictures of the inside of the unit and other helpful stuff so we can help give a better diagnosis based on more information

Vita won't turn on. Solid orange charging light?

Adding images to an existing question


heya thanks for redirecting me to that thread, unfortunately i tried all of that and nothing worked. as for the pictures there is literally nothing to show since its just a black screen with the light blinking as i described.


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