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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Android smartphone, announced and released in January 2021.

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My phone overheat after screen and battery replacement

P.s sorry for my English.

On 29/03/24, I asked a good review phone repair man to replace my phone's screen and battery. After repair, my phone was rubber-banded to give pressure and glue to bond. The next day, I removed the rubber band and started my phone, then I proceeded to use my phone as normally as a normal person (switching and opening apps, playing games, etc.) After a while, my phone started to overheat, and so did the usual close apps and remove the phone case. I thought it was a one-time event, but throughout the day, the phone kept heating up after a normal or heavy load.

The repairman screw up or I reduce to use one app at time

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Hi @liyana96690

Why was it necessary to replace the screen?

Was the phone dropped and the screen cracked or did the phone get wet etc?

Take it back to the repairer and get them to check it out.

Most reputable repairers test the phone before handing it back to make sure all is well and also give some sort of guarantee on their work even if it is only 30 days.

If the phone was dropped or got wet then they should have also checked this out when doing the repair, not just replace parts

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Hi @jayeff

The screen was replaced because it had a green line appear in the middle of the screen and the battery was replaced since it drain quickly. I did drop the phone few time but there was no cracked or any sign of broken. I forgot to mention it to the repairman. I told the shop about the heating issues so there was a reply. I don't know if I should re-check again because it was 24 hrs ago since the repair was made.

And overheat appear to in top half of phone

"Sorry to hear about this, normally changing new battery and lcd will not affect the performance and sometime it is normal phenomena as high speed internet are running background, sometime might be the battery are callibrating with the old hardware too.

Do not be fret, if the situation still persists, do let me know and I will fix an appointment for you to check it out."



And also, I don’t know what to say or do to repairer when he comes again.

I’m afraid that I received a typical answer like “don’t play heavy games or don’t open many apps”. , really I’m not a tech-savvy person 😅


@liyana96690 I definitely agree with my colleague @jayeff on this. Something is not right. You mentioned that it is the top half that is feeling like it's overheating. That is your motherboard. That should not get to the point of overheating. Yes, the repairer will probably tell you that this is normal "under heavy use" etc. but if this is how you've used the phone before the repair, it is not normal. Have them review/redo their repair and fix this for you.



What caused the motherboard to be on fire aka overheating after repaired?


@liyana96690 a bad battery could be forcing the power management IC to overheat. There are many more options and we really do not know since we did not do the repair etc. I would ask them to replace the part once more.


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