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Samsung'un başı çeken telefonu, Galaxy S9. Mart 2018'inde piyasaya çıktı.

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Power and Bixby buttons missing

The switches did not fall out, just the buttons. Is there any way to fix this without having to take it apart? Like, am I able to just pop new buttons in?

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If you can add pictures of what parts have fallen out that would help us give a better answer Adding images to an existing question


Mine went missing today. I'm able to press the rubber thing with a sim ejector tool just fine so I was also wondering if I could pop mine in once I find it or a replacement :(

15 more days and it will be its 4th birthday with 2 great falls and no broken glass front or back!


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@pocki sorry but no. You can't pop those buttons back in. You will have to disassemble your phone and then reinstall the buttons. There will also be a reason why they fell out. you may just need some new ones. Use these guides Samsung Galaxy S9 to work on your phone.

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