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Reverse osmosis units are common water filtration solutions found under sinks in kitchens.

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My purifer unable to fill water in its tank?...why?

My purifer unable to fill water in its tank?...why?

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@sehajarora80537 let us know if you have a make and a model for this. You also want to post some pictures of your setup. Let's see what you got going on there. Adding images to an existing question

Mine uses a prefilter that require frequent changing. I clean mine every 3 months of use with food grade citric acid.


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Likely calcium build up in the lines.

If you can, push a straightened metal coat hanger thru the fittings and pipes or use a calcium cleaner within a bucket to soak the fittings and pipes. Make sure to fully rinse off the cleaner from the parts and let the water run a bit before using.

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