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USB C Cable Repair - Logitech StreamCam

I have a Logitech StreamCam with a damaged USB C connector. The part number is Dali V04 201927. Where can I find this part?

Update (05/06/24)

Block Image


Block Image

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Hi @brunogrejo

Here's the ifixit Logitech StreamCam (‎960-001286) USB-C Cable Replacement guide that may help as it has a lot of good information about replacing the cable.

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Type c connector cannot be found in this guide



Assuming that you have the same streamcam then the USB-C connector is on the end of the cable (see image), not in the camera.

The camera connects to a USB-C port in a PC via the cable.

If the cable's USB-C connector is damaged either buy a new USB-C cable and cut one end off and then connect the cut end to the camera a shown or purchase a USB-C cable connector (example only) and connect it in lieu of the damaged one


My connector in the end of the cable is broken, not possible to use.

Which cable might be compatible, as it has several internal cables?

I can't reuse the type c connector. I don't think the example connector you sent is suitable... there are several internal cables


The only reference I have is Dali V04 201927 but I can't find a similar connector.



Is the connector on the end of the cable that connects to a computer i.e. the one that comes out of the camera, the one that is damaged?

If it is then as I suggested you only have to replace that cable (or connector) as the guide shows how to do this.

The Dali V04 201927 reference is the pcb board that the cable connects to in the camera as stated in this link



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